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Office 365 April Updates: Microsoft To-Do, Outlook Customer Manager, Designer for iPad

April brings the worldwide release of Outlook Customer Manager and Microsoft To-Do, as well as new features in PowerPoint for iOS, the full launch of Skype for Windows 10, and several tweaks to Office Groups.


has published this month's recap of all things . It's been a big month for the suite, with the introduction of two new services and tons of tweaks across Word, Excel, Skype and PowerPoint.

According to Office team CVP Kirk Koenigsbauer, the changes will “help companies of all sizes accelerate the digital transformation within their organization”.

Outlook Customer Manager

One of the main releases this month is Microsoft's customer relationship app. Outlook Customer Manager lets users track interactions without leaving the app. You can also manage deals in progress, task tracking, and reminders.

Outlook automatically generates some of this information via email, calendar and call log access. The idea is to spend less time finding details and more interacting with customers.

The worldwide release integrates feedback from the First Release launch. It's now available for Outlook iOS, as well as on the web. Naturally, the languages have also been expanded, with a total of 39 now available. In addition, Outlook Customer Manager will now suggest company information from Bing.

Microsoft To-Do

This month's second major release has wider usage scenarios. Microsoft To-Do is now in Preview and lets users intelligently manage tasks. The app suggests tasks for users to help them stay organized with minimal input. It Syncs in data from Outlook Tasks and Calendars, and utilizes widgets for fast access.

However, much of To-Do's selling point is its simple and clean interface. The Office team has made it as easy as possible to manage tasks. You can integrate reminders, notes, due dates and more.

PowerPoint Designer, Office 365 Groups, and Skype for Windows 10

As well as new apps, Microsoft is expanding existing ones. Designer in PowerPoint makes it simple to create high-quality presentations quickly. As you add text and images to slides, Designer automatically tries to match it with design ideas. Though the feature was already available on desktop, OSX and Windows, iPad users can now use it on the go.

Microsoft's Groups in Outlook has also seen a significant expansion. The functionality the service is now landing on Mac, iOS, and Android. It also has some new features, namely the ability to open documents from Groups in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The final change is to Skype for Windows 10. The UWP app has been in preview for a very long time, and with the release of the Creators Update this month it's out of preview. The change is thanks now features, such as SMS relay, Skype Translator for mobile and landline calls, and more.

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