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Microsoft Teams for Android Gets New Channel Creation and Profile Picture Support

Microsoft Teams for Android now lets users add or remove team members, manage group chats, and change their profile picture. The update also fixes several bug and performance issues.


Teams for now sits at versionĀ following an update. The app lets organizations communicate effectively via a number of different channels, Office 365 integration and more.

Today's update brings a number of new functionalities to the mobile app that were previously exclusive to other platforms. Users can create new channels, rename group chats, update profile pictures and more. Here's the full changelog:

  • “Easily add or remove team members
  • Create new channels
  • Rename group chats and add new members to existing chats
  • Update your profile picture
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.”

Trello Integration

Despite this, there's one big feature we're waiting on from the desktop app. Yesterday, Microsoft announced Trello integration with .

This means users on desktop and web clients can view Trello from within the Team's interface, saving time and taskbar space. They can also link Trello cards inline and have dedicated channels.

Though mobile isn't ideal for Trello management, it would be good to see the functionality eventually. No doubt it will come eventually once it's polished.

Whatever happens, it's good to see Microsoft Teams for Android getting some love. of course, you'll need an Office 365 enterprise plan to use it, which will hold some back. However, it comes at no extra cost, so it's perfect for companies who already utilize the suite.

If you're one of those people, grab the latest version of Microsoft Teams from Google Play. The new updates should help with those minor annoyances when you're on the go.

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