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Microsoft Introduces New Azure Mobile Apps Quickstart Method

Azure Mobile Apps developers can now access quickstart projects through GitHub repositories, an alternative method to accessing downloads through the Quickstart blade.


has introduced a new ability for Azure Mobile Apps. Specifically, the company is changing the way it manages quickstarts for the service. A new method of quickstarting projects has been released. The company has made the project available openly as GitHub repositories.

Until now, developers creating Azure Mobile Apps have only been able to download a client from the Quickstart blade.

With the new ability, users can instead find all the projects in repository form on GitHub. It is worth noting that the previous method is still available to developers who prefer that path.

Thanks to the new availability, developers can fork a repository and start building apps without accessing the Quickstart blade. Microsoft says the project is mostly the same, however you decide to download it. The only difference is users going through GitHub will need to set the URI of your Azure Mobile App backend.

In its announcement, the company says the following repositories are available:

Azure Mobile Apps

Azure Mobile Apps is a backend that brings mobile support for APIs in .NET and other features like ASP.NET web apps to the language.

In May last year, Microsoft merged Azure Mobile Services with Azure App Services. The decision put all of Azure's mobile features under one software platform. At the time, the company said this would allow for more efficient feature development.

Over the past couple of years, we have been asked to provide features on Azure Mobile Services that were planned in Azure App Service – features like Hybrid Connections for accessing on-premises SQL services, Staging Slots to allow staging sites and A/B testing, co-located web site, Site Backup and Restore.

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