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Samsung Reportedly Working Galaxy S8 for Windows 10 Mobile

A report from a Chinese website suggests Microsoft will announce a special Samsung Galaxy S8 running Windows 10 Mobile on May 2.


There has always been a distinct lack of flagship quality devices on Windows phone devices. At the moment, only has the HP Elite x3 and arguably 's Lumia 950XL. According to a new report, the biggest name in the smartphone business could be entering the Windows market.

ITHome reports that is working on a Windows 10 Mobile version of the Galaxy S8. The company's current flagship was launched last month and, of course, runs the OS.

However, the report suggests the South Korean company will release a new variant of its handset. Interestingly, it is also said that the handset will be launched by Microsoft on May 2. The company is holding an event on that date and will apparently release new hardware.

To help back up the rumor, the outlet has released a tweet that seems to show a device-information screenshot. The image shows the handset running Windows 10 Mobile 1704, the Creators Update.

The problem with all this is that it seems very unlikely. So much so that we doubt the validity of this report. Some of this is based on fact and some is based on applying some simple logic. We will start with the latter.

True or Not

Samsung is simply unlikely to see the worth in embracing Windows 10 Mobile. The company has never shown interest in Windows as a mobile OS and is unlikely to in the near future. Especially when Microsoft is not even making hardware for the platform at the moment.

Some of you may remember that Samsung launched a Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition. This special handset comes with Cortana and Outlook bundles on top of the basic Microsoft apps. The regular Galaxy S8 also comes with the core Office apps installed as default.

Microsoft is holding an event on May 2, but there is confirmation that any hardware will be launched. It is widely predicted that Windows Cloud will be launched, so possibly a new Surface laptop will be unveiled.

Lastly, the image in the tweet points to a device with 6GB of RAM. It is worth pointing out that the Galaxy S8 only ships with 4GB of RAM.

As this is all a rumor, treat is with a big pinch of salt.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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