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Microsoft Edge Gains JavaScript Improvements Through the Creators Update

Microsoft Edge has benefitted from the Windows 10 Creators Update with a new re-deferring defer-parsing feature and a new way of managing DOM manipulation through JavaScript.


has rolled out significant changes with the Windows 10 Creators Update. The Microsoft Edge browser has also been enhanced through the latest feature update. In a new Windows Blog post, the company shows how it has continued to improve JavaScript performance in Edge through the Creators Update.

In the post, Microsoft points out that it seeks to improve the Chakra JavaScript engine for Microsoft Edge through each update. For the Creators Update, the company says day-to-day performance has improved the browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge now has improved memory usage through the defer-parsing mechanism. Not a new function, defer-parsing has been used since the days of Internet Explorer. The feature allows Chaka to check for syntax errors at startup and can delay full parsing until functions are called.

The key benefit of defer-parsing is that it can improve the load time of the browser and web pages. In Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft Edge introduces the concept of re-deferring.

In its Windows Blog post, Microsoft explains how the new system work:

“The idea of re-deferring is deceptively simple – for every function that Chakra deems would no longer get executed, the engine frees the bulk of the memory the function holds to store metadata generated after pre-parsing, and effectively leaves the function in a deferred state as if it has just been pre-parsed.”

Improving Microsoft Edge

Microsoft also published another blog highlighting further JavaScript improvements in Edge. Specifically, the company has changed the way in which DOM (document object model) works.

DOM is an interface that merges HTML with JavaScript, and again was a carryover from Internet Explorer. With the Creators Update, the company is changing how it works. Microsoft says this is necessary because pages are now more complex.

The old method of implementing DOM was simply pulling down performance. Microsoft Edge now features a new DOM interface that results in fewer bugs. The company has been rolling out the ability over several major updates, but it is now complete with the Creators Update.

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