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Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2017 Preview 15.2

The latest update adds the Data science and analytical applications workload, side-by-side support for TypeScript compiler versions, and more. It also fixes several bugs.


Back in March, Microsoft announced the general availability of Visual Studio 2017. Alongside that, the company released the Insider-like program, Visual Studio Preview.

Now, has announced Preview version 15.2. According to the release notes the new version brings several new features including the Data science and analytical workload.

This new workload provides a one-click install of all your data analysis needs. It includes support for Python, R, F#, and their respective packages/distros.

The workload helps users enable the acquisition, analysis, and visualization of data all the way through to building and deploying machine learning models.

Here is Microsoft´s Summary of Updates for Visual Studio 2017 Preview version 15.2:

TypeScript compiler versions support

Furthermore, the latest update to Visual Studio 2017 Preview adds side-by-side support for TypeScript compiler versions. Users may now use multiple versions of the TypeScript compiler in Visual Studio 2017.

As a result, during installation, the Web, Node.js, Universal Windows, or Mobile JavaScript workloads will automatically include TypeScript 2.2. Users may also select TypeScript 2.1 from the Individual Components installer page.

To learn more about the latest update, check Microsoft's press release. You can obtain the latest version of Visual Studio 2017 Preview here.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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