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LinkedIn Updates Terms and Services to Reflect More Profile Visibility

The new LinkedIn Terms and Services will launch on June 7. Changes include preparation for new features that will make profiles more visible to third parties, and the adoption of productivity bots.


Since acquired LinkedIn for over $26 billion last year, we have seen the social network start to kick on. Microsoft is clearly pushing the business network and seeking to improve it. As well numerous enhancements over the months, is also updating its Terms of Service. The company announced the change today.

While the new Terms and Services are published, they are not yet in effect. LinkedIn says they will become active on June 7, 2017.

Among the changes made is a new privacy policy that covers upcoming network features. For example, the policy now reflects an incoming ability to make profiles more visible. The company says this makes social links easier.

However, it also means that profiles will be open to “certain third-party services”. LinkedIn points out that this is similar to how it allows search engines to see profiles. It will be enabled by default, but users can choose to opt out if they want their profile to be less visible.

Also, users can decide which elements of their profile are visible, and which are not. It is worth noting that the whole point of LinkedIn is too boost your professional opportunities through visibility of profile. The company says the new terms make it easier to do that.

Microsoft has been one of the frontrunners in the development of bots. It is no surprise to see LinkedIn embrace automated services more frequently since coming under Redmond's wing. With that in mind, the company has now included terms that deal with the use of productivity bots.

New LinkedIn Terms and Services

As mentioned, the full terms are not coming into effect until June 7. That gives users plenty of time to pick through the small print and decide if they are on board or not. It is certainly helpful that many of the new additions will have a choice to opt out.

Here are some of the key points of the new Terms and Services:

  • Increased visibility of your LinkedIn Profile: Similar to the way your profile shows up in search engines, we will allow certain third-party services to show your profile to their users, so that you can be more easily found for opportunities and connect with people. You can opt out of this broader distribution of your profile, and you control what you share on your profile.
  • Easier to share accomplishments with your network: To make it easier to update your profile, we'll look for and suggest positive and public professional accomplishments, like awards or industry recognition, to share with your network. You can opt out if you decide you don't want these recommendations.
  • Productivity bots and similar tools to improve communication with your network: You can opt-in to use our automated systems that can help you with messages by suggesting responses, assisting in scheduling meetings with connections, generating ice breakers, or offering insights to help you connect with other professionals more easily.
  • Easily meet up with other members: You can choose to use an upcoming feature that helps you find nearby LinkedIn members, who have also opted-in, at a conference, event or meeting.
  • Keep learning new skills on Lynda: Your learning account on Lynda continues to be covered by the Lynda privacy policy.
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