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Microsoft’s Lockdown Designer Brings Windows 10 Mobile Customization to the Windows Store

The Lockdown Designer is now available for Windows 10 Mobile devices. The app allows users to customize their devices and lock down certain apps and features with downloadable xml files.


is giving Mobile users the chance to further customize their devices. The company's Lockdown Designer supplication is now live in the . It is available for download across all Windows 10 handsets.

As mentioned, the app lets users customize their . This is achieved through the creation of lockdown xml files that can be installed onto a device.

Ok, while the idea of changing up a handset is appealing for all, Lockdown Designer is more focused on companies. For example, organizations may need to manage and limit apps and features for employees.

Some companies will want to limit access of some apps and features on devices. Furthermore, some customers may want to create custom settings for users in specific departments.

Microsoft describes what the app can do on Windows 10 Mobile:

“Lockdown Designer app helps you configure and create a lockdown XML file that you can apply to devices running Windows 10 Mobile, version 1703. A lockdown XML file determines which apps and settings are available on the mobile device.

You can configure a custom layout for the Start screen using a remote simulation in the app. Lockdown Designer also helps you define multiple roles for device users, and configure the apps and settings for each role separately.”

Windows 10 Mobile with Creators Update

It is worth noting that Lockdown Designer is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. However, Microsoft has not enabled it for other devices in the Windows Store. That means this is strictly for Windows 10 Mobile users, at least for the time being.

Speaking of Windows 10 Mobile, the platform is about to get the Windows 10 . Microsoft will start rolling out the feature update to devices on April 22.

The Creators Update is already available on PCs, but Microsoft is rolling it out in stages. This method will also be employed for mobile users.

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