Microsoft Flow for Windows 10 Mobile

Last week, Microsoft updated Microsoft Flow twice, adding support for Computer Vision APIs, three new services, three new actions, as well as new templates and improved designs.

Now, the company has released Microsoft Flow for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Users can now download Flow from the Windows Store and start using it as an app.

In Flow’s Windows Store page Microsoft also teases the upcoming updates to the Windows 10 Mobile app.

The company will soon add support for Team flows and Button sharing to the Microsoft Flow app.

Here is what users can do with Microsoft Flow:

  • Create new flows when you need them – from anywhere!
  • Trigger flows to run at the tap of a button
  • Manage your flows from anywhere
  • Monitor flow success
  • Review detailed run history reports
  • View and filter runs by notification type

Gmail support, Physical buttons and more

Microsoft introduced Microsoft Flow last April and has updated the workflow automation tool several times since then. Over the last two months, the company has added Gmail support to Flow, as well as support for Physical buttons to trigger events.

Microsoft Flow also integrates with SharePoint Document Libraries and can run scheduled triggers on-demand. For those of you who wish to start using Microsoft Flow, the Redmond giant offers an online course which explains the tool step by step.

To download the Microsoft Flow Windows 10 Mobile app, visit the Windows Store.