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Microsoft and CHOICE Create ‘Accent’, an Edge-Based Literacy Tool

Accent combines Edges inking capabilities with its open-source, scalable platform to teach women in Guatemala Spanish. The tool will soon expand to other regions, with plans to incorporate other learning resources.


is combining two things at the forefront of its mission: the Edge browser and a passion for . The tech giant has collaborated with CHOICE Humanitarian to bring a web application to impoverished regions.

‘Accent' runs in the Edge browser and combines Ink capabilities and language curriculums to teach those with unique requirements. Speaking about the application, Product manager Divya Kumar explained:

“The CHOICE partnership offered the Microsoft Edge team a remarkable opportunity to take our browser technology and create an education solution to meet the unique literacy needs of communities worldwide. Working with CHOICE, we utilized the native support for touch and inking in Microsoft Edge to build an interactive curriculum for their literacy program and helped them deploy the platform for the first time to the women in underprivileged regions in Guatemala. We worked very closely with CHOICE to create a solution that empowers their mentors to continue to expand and scale Accent with new courses, new languages and new skills without needing expertise. We are extremely excited to contribute to the CHOICE work to eradicate poverty through literacy worldwide.”

Teaching Spanish in Guatemala

One example of poverty is in remote regions of Guatemala. Microsoft believes that poverty comes in many forms, including lack of privileges. Accent will launch in Guatemala to help eighteen women access and understand the country's culture, language, and government.

The tool is completely open source and scalable, with applications outside of literacy. CHOICE plans to use it in all seven countries it covers, and hopes that other NGOs will use it too.

“Women are the key to lasting change,” agrees Microsoft. “Research shows that when you invest in a woman, she will invest in her family and community.”

You can try a demo of Accent today.

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