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Microsoft Acquires Intentional Software, Headed by Office Godfather

The company today announced an agreement to buy productivity company Intentional Software. Microsoft Word and Excel overseer Charles Simonyi is the co-founder of the company and is returning to Microsoft after 15 years.


has today announced it will acquire Intentional Software, a company that specializes in workplace productivity software. The Washington-based company is working on a platform for team productivity apps, which Microsoft will fold into its own developments.

One of the most interesting aspects of this agreement is that it brings Charles Simonyi back to Microsoft. He originally joined Microsoft in 1981 and remained with the company until 2002. Simony's tenure with the company is defined by overseeing the creation of Office apps such as Word and Excel.

After leaving Redmond, Simonyi founded Intentional Software. Microsoft's interest in the company has been piqued by Intentional's recent developments of productivity apps focused on teams. In its announcements, Microsoft says the purchase will the talents of Intentional Software will boost its own development.

“The reality is we live in a hyper-connected world that requires the ability to collaborate across geographies, disciplines and organizations, which is why we continue to push ourselves to think about new ways to empower people,” Microsoft says.

Microsoft has been taking productivity collaboration seriously in recent years. Office 365 has opened doors for organizations to manage productivity across the cloud. Additionally, the company has recently rolled out the Microsoft Teams workplace chat service.

Developing Workplace Collaboration

By acquiring Intentional Software, Microsoft says it can enhance its current tools to deliver a richer collaborative experience. The company has recently been improving products to help workforces be more collaborative. Microsoft says it is what the future promises that drove the agreement:

“I'm confident that the work being done by Intentional Software will be a tremendous asset as we continue to innovate on collaboration tools and experiences for modern workers.”

Speaking on the Intentional Software website, Simonyi says he is excited to be back with Microsoft:

“I recall the time in February of 1981 when I first joined Microsoft. I was truly privileged to take part in the PC revolution … I am excited, stoked, amped, and elated to join forces again with Microsoft, the premier high-tech company in the world.

I am very happy that after this deal is completed, the talented team at Intentional will have a fantastic new home to continue our work and contribute to great products. I want to share with you why I feel this way.”

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