Visual Studio for Mac
Image: Microsoft

Back on March 7, 2017, Microsoft announced Visual Studio for Mac Preview 4. That update brought new features to the Xamarin and .NET Core workloads.

Now, the company has announced a new update for Visual Studio for Mac, which adds a web editor, improved .NET Core support, and several new features.

In the announcement blog post, Microsoft says that “Over the past few months [Microsoft has] been working on porting C# code that was originally designed to work on Windows to the Mac. Luckily for [Microsoft], the architecture of Visual Studio is so good that reusing the code has been a breeze.

One of the most important additions is the new web editor which the latest update brings to Visual Studio for Mac. Users can now get their hands on the HTML, CSS, and JSON editors. They will get the same code completion, indentation behavior, and validation that they get on Windows to those file formats.

Visual Studio for Mac new web editor
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft .NET Core and Azure publishing

As mentioned above, with this update Microsoft also adds improved .NET Core and ASP.NET Core support to Visual Studio for Mac. Users will now find it easier to create  server code, either for their standalone websites or as a service backend for their mobile apps or hosted devices. In addition, the .NET Core debugger is now able to make async debugging as natural and simple as regular code.

The latest update to Visual Studio for Mac also adds support for Azure publishing. Users will now be able to publish their applications directly to Azure from within Visual Studio for Mac.

Visual Studio for Mac Azure publishing feature
Image: Microsoft

To learn more about this new update to Visual Studio for Mac, check Microsoft’s blog post. If you want to download the application, click here.