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Windows 10 Creators Update Brings 770 New Emojis, Microsoft First to Offer Interracial Couples

From the 770 new emojis in Windows 10, there are 2,381 options, including new professions like singer and pilot. Microsoft has become the first vendor to offer interracial couples, and is also ensuring all emojis are gender equal.


is now rolling out via automatic updates. The feature upgrade is packed with new additions and abilities within the OS. One of the more minor, yet still interesting, new addition is an expanded emojis library.

The Creators Update adds some 770 new emojis to Windows 10. More specifically, the release includes 482 brand new emoji and 288 variations of interracial couples. The latter addition is significant as it makes Microsoft the first vendor to offer variations for interracial couples.

If taking into account these variations, the Windows 10 Creators Update introduces 2,381 emojis. You may remember, the Anniversary Update offered more, with 1700 new emoji and 52,000 variations. Either way, the latest Windows build has added plenty to the existing catalogue.

Among the new additions are emojis across categories like profession, gender, couples, and rainbow flag. Additionally, Microsoft has also introduced numerous new input emojis.

All of the new additions are part of Emoji 4.0, which was released in November 2016. The new professions include female and male versions of a teacher, artist, cook, singer and pilot.

Pushing the equality line further, the Creators Update now makes gender assurances. Any emoji on the OS with a male symbol will now also receive a female version.

Touch Keyboard Limitations

The emoji keyboard in Creators Update introduces a number of new interactions for the touch keyboard. Accessing the emoji keyboard is as easy as clicking or tapping the symbol from the taskbar.

However, there is a caveat. It seems adding all the new emojis to the touch keyboard is a tough task. That means none of the new additions are visible on the keyboard. If Windows 10 users want them, they will need to copy and paste them from the web.

This is strange, but we are sure Microsoft is working on keyboard compatibility for a future Creators Update release.

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