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Leak: Huawei to Release New Matebook X, E and D Laptops Running Windows 10

Huawei's latest Matebook devices could bring some serious competition to the Surface Book and Pro 4, the X sporting an Intel Core i5-7200U and 8 GB of RAM. Price details aren't yet available but may come with an official announcement soon.


's Matebook device was launched in February of last year and was met with positive reviews. Despite this, the 2-in-1 was seen as a cheaper alternative to the Surface line and didn't do as well as some expected.

That hasn't stopped Huawei from trying, and recent leaks suggest that three more Matebook devices will be coming soon. Popular leaker and VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass has shared details about the upcoming releases.

The notebooks were previously known by their code names, Pascal, Bell, and Watt. However, they will launch as the Matebooks X, E and D. Spec details are sparse, but there are images of each device.

New Matebook Specifications

That said, there are a few details floating around about the Matebook X. A GeekBench score reveals the device will have an Intel Core i5-7200U, 8 GB of RAM, and a 15″ screen. The laptop could be a contender to the Surface Book, depending on its price point.

Other guesses can be made about the E and D through their voltages, battery specs, and measurements. It's likely the E will have a Core M processor and act as an upgrade from the first-gen version it's another 2-in-1 device to rival lower end Surface Pro 4 models. The D is harder to gauge but looks like a 12.5″ form factor.

Unfortunately, there are no details about the launch date of any of these devices. The info and product images suggest sometime soon, but we're waiting on confirmation from Huawei. The MateBook line has a history of affordable prices, so fingers crossed in that regard.

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