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Microsoft Acquires Cloud Continuer Company Deis for Azure Integration

Deis is a noted cloud container technology provider that uses open source solutions. Microsoft will use the company across Azure container services.


has today announced it has agreed to acquire Deis. The company has signed an agreement to purchase the container technology start-up. In a blog post, Microsoft says containers have become pivotal to cloud transformation. They allow companies to build and deploy applications in the cloud more easily.

“With this increase in agility and portability, containers are helping to make applications the new currency in the cloud. At Microsoft, we've seen explosive growth in both interest and deployment of containerized workloads on Azure.”

The acquisition of Deis will integrate into the company's existing container strategy and enhance it. Deis provides extended tools to customers, allowing them to improve agility and efficiency of apps. The company will bring its open source technology expertise to the Azure team.

Microsoft says the open source element is important in its ongoing commitment to engage the developer community. In the post, the company says it wants to “provide choice and flexibility for our customers everywhere.”

Deis technology will give Azure customers more options when working with existing containers portfolios on Linux and Windows Server. It will also be integrated into Hyper-V Containers and Azure Container Service.

Importantly, the tools will be available to all customers, whatever platform they decide to use.

Deis and Azure

For its part, Deis says it will continue to find solutions to make container technology more usable and accessible. The company adds that Microsoft is an ideal partner because of its history of creating products for developers.

With the acquisition, the company will pair with Azure's support and seek to help improve the development process for cloud-native apps:

“We are honored to add our experience leading and growing open source projects with large user bases and a diverse set of external contributors. Over the years, we have worked hard to be open, reliable, and dependable open source maintainers. From our new home at Microsoft you should expect nothing less.”

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