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Microsoft Releases .NET Framework 4.7 along with Windows 10 Creators Update

The latest version of the software framework is included in the Windows 10 Creators Update and brings a big set of improvements, including support for targeting the .NET Framework 4.7 in Visual Studio 2017 and a new .NET API browser.


Back on February 13, Microsoft celebrated the 15th anniversary of .NET. The software framework () developed by the Redmond giant provides language interoperability across several programming languages.

Now, ahead of the Windows 10 Creators Update release, has released .NET Framework 4.7, which brings a big set of improvements.

Microsoft´s .NET Framework 4.7 is included in the Creators Update, therefore users should upgrade to the Creators Update as well as install the latest update to Visual Studio 2017.

This latest update brings many changes such as High DPI support for Windows Forms, Improvements for System DPI aware Applications, and more. You can check out all the changes here since the changelog is too big to list.

The latest update to .NET Framework also brings improvements to the following areas:

.NET Framework docs improved

In addition, Microsoft has launched a big set of improvements for the .NET Framework documents. The .NET Framework docs are now available on docs.microsoft.com. Thanks to the latest update, the docs are now easier to read and navigate.

Microsoft has also informed users that the .NET Framework docs will show up on on GitHub later this week at dotnet/docs.

On top of these changes to .NET Framework docs, Microsoft has released a new experience for search for .NET APIs. The company has introduced a new .NET API Browser, which you can check here.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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