Current Windows 10 Start Menu with solid tiles and blurred background

We have been charting the development of Project Neon for some time. The UI upgrade for Windows 10 is expected to be launched with Redstone 3 later this year. However, we are already seeing the early stages of the aesthetic finding its way to Windows 10 apps. Today, a new piece of information regarding the UI has been revealed.

It is already known that Project Neon will focus on blurring effects and animations. It has now emerged that the UI will also receive a new Start Menu design and transparent tiles.

A newly found concept for Project Neon shows that tiles will now come closer to the look of the Start Menu. In the current Windows 10 user interface, the Start Menu is somewhat transparent, while tiles are solid.

The new changes with Project Neon will give Windows users something they have wanted for a long time. Another concept screenshot shows that Microsoft is working on dark and light themes for the taskbar. Of course, users can currently change the taskbar color, but this would add a dedicated light mode.

The current range of colors does not include a lighter color such as white. As with the full Project Neon launch, these changes will be implemented with Redstone 3. And yes, we see the Snapchat icon (currently unavailable in the Windows Store), but a reminder, this is said to be an internal concept.

That said, that little icon throws a bit of doubt on the whole validity of this leak. Would Microsoft use an icon for an app that is not on the store, or is it a hint that Snapchat is coming to Windows 10?

Microsoft is rolling out Redstone 2 (the Creators Update) next week, so there is plenty of development of the new UI to be done. We expect Redstone 3 to be named and detailed at Build 2017 and launched later in the year.

Project Neon

That does not mean we have to wait that long to see the new UI. Microsoft has already confirmed the project does exist and has even shown some teasers.

Project Neon appears to take cues from previous Windows versions. The Aero Glass design of Windows Vista and Windows 7 are evident in the new UI. As we mentioned last month, Microsoft is making us of more animations and visual blurring … The blurred visuals and animations allow for a mix of minimalist while offering information to the user.

Furthermore, Project Neon has already started showing up in some applications. Just yesterday, the very early stages of the UI were visible in a Groove Music update.