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Project Scorpio Exclusive Information Coming Thursday, Confirms Eurogamer

The outlet with exclusive Xbox Project Scorpio information is Eurogamer and the reveal will happen on Thursday at 2pm UK / 6am Pacific.


Yesterday, we reported that a major gaming outlet had been given access to 's console. We added that this outlet would be announcing the specs of the device this Thursday. Today we are getting some confirmation of that announcement and which outlet will be revealing it.

Digital Foundry will be offering some exclusive information on Project Scorpio on Eurogamer. That information will arrive on Thursday 2pm UK / 6am Pacific.

It is worth noting that the tweet does not say that the exclusive will be the console's specs. Either way, it is good to know we are going to get new concrete information on the new Xbox.

As I mentioned yesterday, Project Scorpio is already known about, but Microsoft has kept key details secret. Many of the specs for the console were leaked earlier in the year. With that information, we learned that Microsoft will remove the ESRAM cache that the Xbox One is reliant on.

Other information about Scorpio shows that it will be a beastly performer. It has a compute power 4.5 times more than the current console. Microsoft has already confirmed the device will get 6TFLOPs for horsepower and an octa-core CPU.

Just yesterday, it emerged that Microsoft has already sent developers early Project Scorpio units. While dev's are now creating games, although it is not a version of the console with full potential. Microsoft will bring full performance through Xbox Developer Kit (XDK) updates in May and June.

Recent Project Scorpio News

Adding to specification information, in February it was reported the console will get an integrated PSU and deliver 4K streaming. Of course, Scorpio is already known to deliver native 4K gaming. However, it was new information that the console will deliver streaming in Ultra HD. I wrote at the time the implications such streaming will have on Beam:

“Game DVR and streaming will also be given HEVC coding to allow 60fps playback at 2160p. This naturally leads to Beam, the streaming service that Microsoft acquired last year.

4K capabilities are not new on Beam, although they have only been tested so far. Microsoft seems to be pointing towards bringing 4K streaming to Beam on Scorpio. As a comparison, the Xbox One can stream in 720p at 30FPS.”

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