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Microsoft Rolls out Cumulative Update 15063.13 and 15063.14 to Desktop Insiders

Cumulative Update 15063.13 and 15063.14 bring a number of important fixes to older devices, including CPU utilization problems in the Surface Pro 3. It comes just a day before the manual Windows 10 Creators Update.


The Creators Update is very, very close, with some users able to get their hands on a manual upgrade as early as tomorrow. Despite this, still has some last minute additions that should make for a more stable experience.

Today's releases come in the form of two patches, one for the Insider Preview and Slow Rings, and the other for the Fast Ring. Both contain some necessary bug fixes.

Changelogs for Cumulative Update 15063.13 and 15063.14

While this isn't the most exciting build yet, it does show Microsoft's dedication to getting a polished product out before release. Cumulative Update 15063.13 (KB4016251) contains the following:

  • “We fixed an issue where printer connections from clients running older versions of Windows (V3-XPS-based-drivers) failed to connect to clients running the Windows 10 Creators Update.
  • We fixed an issue where on some devices like the Surface Pro 3, the Windows audio device graph isolation would max out CPU utilization due to being stuck in an endless loop due to defective Realtek APOs.”

As you can see, the Redmond giant is focusing on compatibility for less utilized devices and . It also has all the fixes from the previous Insider Fast update, 15063.11.

That patch had further fixes for Surface devices, as well as an issue with McAfee Enterprise. The Fast Ring build, 15063.14, has wider reaching applications:

  • “We fixed an issue where non-suspendable processes would suspend after waking a device.”

All of this will probably be available in the manual install RTM build tomorrow. The automatic update will begin a little later, on the 11th. However, when you get it depends on how new your devices is, among other things.

Windows Mobile users, on the other hand, will have to wait until April 25th for the rollout to start. In total, it will be a couple of months before every compatible Windows device receives the upgrade.

Until then, you can keep up with the latest bugs, news, and updates by subscribing to our newsletter.

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