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Microsoft Launches Autism @ Work Career Fair to Match Employers with Unique Talent

Microsoft is hosting the second Autism @ Work career festival in Palo Alto. It will feature talks from LinkedIn, as well as career opportunities from Microsoft, Ford, NCR, AT&T and more.


is big on its mission to 'empower every person to achieve more', and those with autism are no exception. As a celebration of National Autism Awareness Month, the company is sponsoring the second Autism @ Work fair in Palo Alto.

The sponsorship comes out of Microsoft's own hiring practices. Two years ago, it launched its Autism Hiring Program and is looking to expand its reach.

Disability as a Strength

According to director of inclusive hiring Neil Barnett says Microsoft's hiring practices aren't simply to meet quotas:

“At Microsoft, we see disability as a strength,” he explains. “While we are early in our journey, we are dedicated to growing our program as we listen and learn from the broader community. We are committed to helping other employers start similar programs and learn about the benefits and opportunities to reach these talented individuals.”

The virtual career fair will feature not just Microsoft but other industry leaders like AT&T, Ford, JP Morgan Chase, NCR, and more. Each has a specialist program to make autistic candidates feel secure and able to show off their skills.

In Microsoft's case, candidates attend a hiring academy for a week, where they meet Microsoft teams and hiring managers.

At the event itself, Microsoft's recent acquisition will be making an appearance. will run two sessions on building a good career profile and other job searching tips.

Autism @ Work kicks off on Thursday, April 13th at noon and until 2 PM PST. You can register today from this page.

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