Microsoft Surface Book official detached

If you are interested in picking up the Surface Book or Surface Pro 4, there is often a deal to be had. Microsoft is frequent in its offers. For example, while the company has just closed a Surface Pro 4 sale, it has kicked off a new deal for the Surface Book.

Specifically, Microsoft has taken $200 off its entry-level Surface Book. This is the version with a 6th-generation Intel Core i5 Skylake processor. Its other specs include 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage.

If you are interested, you can now pick up this model for $1,299, down from its usual $1,499 price point. The exact saving for customers is 13%. Microsoft says the deal will run until April 22. As usual, this sale seems to be exclusive to Microsoft’s US store.

Last week, the company opened a sale for its Surface Pro 4. The company shed $200 off the Intel Core i5/8GB RAM model. The reduction put the price to $999 rather than the previous $1200. That sale has now ended.

Surface Book 2

The original Surface Book is now comfortably over a year old. While incrementally updating the PC market is not as important as it is on mobile, Microsoft is expected to launch a sequel soon. Originally it was believed the Surface Book 2 would drop late last year.

Instead, Microsoft debuted a revised version of the original with newer/better specs and a performance base.

Another rumor speculated that the Surface Book 2 would launch during a Spring hardware event. While that event may still take place, I explained last week why it will not involve the new device:

“It seems much more likely sequels to the company’s successful hybrids will drop later in the year. In fact, I am betting the launch will coincide with Windows Redstone 3.”