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The Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update Will Launch on April 25th

The Windows 10 Mobile creators update will first come to new devices, slowly rolling out to a variety of hardware, carriers, and manufacturers. Users will be notified of the impending release with a new settings screen that allows more privacy control.


We've known since early this month that the much anticipated ‘Creators Update' for will launch on April 11th for desktop PCs. Less clear were the plans for 's mobile platform, which has historically been delayed.

In a blog post yesterday, Window's director of program management John Cable clarified those plans. As expected, there will be a gap between the two platforms. Microsoft has set the Creators Update for April 25th, two weeks later.

The strategy differs from Microsoft's previous update, where users were left guessing. The Windows 10 Anniversary also launched two weeks late, so it looks like the company is being consistent.

Phased Rollout

However, it's worth noting that it might come later for some users. Cable says Microsoft will be doing a phased rollout – first to newer models, then to others “over a period of several months”. Other factors include your phone's manufacturer, as well as country and region. Naturally, some older phones may miss the update entirely.

You'll get a slight heads up about the update in the form of Microsoft's new privacy settings page. This makes it easier for users to control the data they send and also lets them turn off ads and other variables.

The new privacy settings window.
The new privacy settings window.

It's an effort by the company to put an end to the myriad of complaints about privacy concerns in Windows 10. The OS has been criticized by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, EU watchdogs, and more. The EFF has since praised Microsoft's latest efforts.

Users will also have more choice of when to install the update. They'll be able to choose the most convenient time and expand the ‘active hours' time window via Update Assistant. It's great to see Microsoft responding somewhat to users concerns, and no doubt the features of the update will be greatly appreciated by mobile users.

You can find more information about the release schedule here.

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