Windows 10 Creators Update official Microsoft

Microsoft has today issued Windows 10 build 15063.11 to users on the Slow, Fast, and Release Preview Rings. This is the first cumulative patch for what is the RTM build (15063) of the Windows 10 Creators Update. The release comes a day after the company confirmed the Creators Update will be launched on April 11.

For those who keep an eye on the Feedback Hub, build 15063.11 is not a surprise release. Microsoft accidentally published the build on the hub yesterday, so we knew it was on its way. The contents of the build are unlikely to excite those who want new features.

Of course, the Creators Update deals with the new goodies, this patch is for fixing. With that in mind there is a fix for a Surface Bluetooth problem and for McAfee Enterprise. You can see the full changelog below:

  • We fixed an issue where on Surface devices, Bluetooth radio fails to re-enumerate during hibernate/resume.
  • We fixed an issue with McAfee Enterprise to prevent a system crash when the product driver is installed on build 15060 configured with Device Guard.

The Creators Update procession is now in full swing. Aside from launching the upgrade to PCs on April 11, Microsoft has confirmed it will also come to Windows 10 Mobile on April 25. There is also the small fact that the Creators Update has already made its Xbox-specific debut on Xbox One.

For mobile users, while the update will land next month, users tied to carriers will have to wait for networks to get their house in order before receiving the Creators Update.

Build 15063, the Windows 10 Creators Update

We have known for some time that build 15063 is the RTM for the Creators Update. Once it dropped on the Fast Ring it became clear if was the RTM build. The release was later leaked as an SDK and Mobile Emulator, which has now been officially launched today.

Yesterday, Microsoft released the SDK for the Windows 10 Creators Update available. Build 15063 is the full feature update SDK. Developers can now get the software development kit and start working on creations for the Creators Update.