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Microsoft Announces ‘View Related Content’ Feature in Power BI

The new feature helps users easily jump between related dashboards, reports, and datasets, thus getting faster results with fewer clicks.


has been constantly updating the Power BI service in the last couple of weeks. On March 23, the company announced it is moving the custom visuals gallery to the Office Store.

Now, Microsoft has announced a new feature for its Power BI service, called ‘View Related Content'.

Thanks to this new feature, users will be able to quickly and easily check out content that is related to the report, dashboard, or dataset they are looking at.

The new feature is already available in all regions as a preview. That said, users should be aware that bugs might show up. Microsoft encourages users to provide feedback in the Power BI community forums.

How to use the View Related Content

If you are familiar with the Power BI service, you know that all Power BI content that users create is deeply interconnected.

Power BI reports are built on datasets. Then, reports visuals are pinned to dashboards and in turn, those dashboard visuals link back to reports.

With so many connections, navigation through the Power BI content could be difficult. However, thanks to View Related Content, users will now have a faster and effortless navigation.

In order to get started with the new feature, users should enable the new navigation preview, by going to Settings > General > Preview features.

Power BI View Related Content feature
Image: Microsoft

After users have activated the new navigation preview, they can click on View related in a dashboard they have edit access to and all related content will appear.

Power BI View Related Content pane
Image: Microsoft

In addition, the View Related Content feature is available on reports and datasets. For a report, the new feature's pane will show the dataset that the user used to build the report. The View Related Content pane will also show the list of all dashboards that have visuals pinned from the report.

As for datasets, the View Related Content pane will show all reports which the user built using that dataset, and all the dashboards that the user built from those reports.

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