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Microsoft Opens App Accelerate to Help Independent Software Vendors

Developers are hugely important to Microsoft’s service ecosystem, and with the App Accelerate program ISVs can have resources to help them connect with more clients.


has announced a new program that is focused to independent software vendors (ISVs). The App Accelerate program will help developers and vendors opportunities to adapt to technology innovations. The initiative comes with several tools and guidance to keep ISVs competitive in a changing climate.

While building up any ecosystem, developer participation is vital to growing and expanding platforms. Microsoft arguably knows more about this than most companies.

The company is built on services that rely on developer support. By giving independent software vendors a support platform, Microsoft believes it can nurture developers across its services.

Those who sign up towards the App Accelerate program get access to several “strategic planning resources”. Developers can see e-books and reports that discuss market trends and connecting with customers.

The key points of this program which were emphasized are:

  • echnical guidance from expert engineers across Microsoft's flagship cloud and data solutions, including Azure, SQL Server, and Power BI.
  • Access to design sessions and deployment programs, such as the Data Accelerator and Power BI Embedded Accelerator offers.
  • Testing and certification services to drive accelerated app innovation and deployment.

App Accelerate

Developers who become members of the program get resources on market and sales strategy. Services also include access to AppSource and the Azure Marketplace. Microsoft says these implementations can help attract new clients.

  • Plan your business – Evaluate the opportunity for your applications using strategic planning resources and market assessment tools.
  • Deploy great apps – Build and deploy intelligent applications with product guidance from expert engineers, access to design sessions, and testing and certification services.

Launch and grow – Generate more leads and expand customer reach for your applications through marketing support, channel development, and application marketplaces

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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