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Xbox One Creators Update Lands with Beam Integration Alongside New Home and Guide UI

Microsoft has today rolled out an extensive Xbox One update that brings the Beam streaming app to all users. This is the company’s Xbox-specific version of the Windows 10 Creators Update and comes with sweeping changes for the look and feel of the console’s software.


Today is an important one for users. has rolled out a huge update that brings most of the features the company has previewed over the last few months. The release covers many of the integrations from the , including full deployment of the Beam game streaming service to all users.

The company says this major overhaul include new features and changes to the look and feel of the Xbox One software. Such as change has been centered on Microsoft's desire to bring gamers closer together and make the console more social.

Before looking at what this release brings, the announcement also all but confirms the Windows 10 Creators Update will drop on April 11. Discussing Beam, Microsoft says Xbox One users are getting the app today. The company adds that it will come to “broadly to PC gamers on April 11”.

Beam is at the heart of this push, but the company is also providing easier access and an improved UI experience. Baking the service into the Xbox One has been Microsoft's goal since its acquisition of Beam a year ago. With this update, all Xbox One gamers get intuitive streaming options, which work across Windows 10, iOS, and Android.

Of course, streaming is the core function of the Beam app, but the service offers more besides. It is one of the most social streaming services available, which drew Microsoft to the company. Social aspects of Beam allow the Xbox Live platform to gain more gamer interactions. For example, gamers can view and participate in other streams.

“Beam makes it easy to connect and engage with your viewers no matter where they are,” Microsoft says.

Xbox One New Features

Aside from Beam, Microsoft has rolled out extensive changes to the Xbox One experience. This includes overhauling the Home UI on the console. The new look offers a simpler UI experience, with a focus on speed and efficiency.

“Now, you'll see a smaller icon for the game with options to dive deeper into the community surrounding the game, as well as the ability to interact with your Club or find Looking for Group posts, view your Achievements and more. If you do not have a custom background set, you'll see that the updated Home also spotlights the game you're currently playing by featuring hero art as your Xbox background.”

The same goal was implemented for the Guide, which Microsoft wanted to make more intuitive. By pressing the Xbox button on the controller, the Guide now appears as an overlay on the left side of the screen. From the Guide, gamers can record video and take screenshots with a single button press.

Microsoft has also introduced its feature, in an effort to make the console more accessible. This allows two wireless controllers to act as a single game pad. This is some fun that will allow gamers to play together on the same controller, but also helps people with challenges.

While I have discussed the main features of the Xbox One Creators Update launch, Microsoft expands on them in its announcement. Also, the company details some other new additions made in this extensive release.

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