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Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Editions Updated to Version 1.0.5

As well as the previously announced Power Rangers skin pack, Minecraft version 1.0.5 for Windows 10 brings more commands, solves some gameplay issues, and tweaks the UI.


Yesterday, and Mojang announced a new Power Ranger skin pack for Pocket Edition and . The pack was part of a wider update that brings the version of the game up to version 1.0.5. As usual, Mojang has done a good job bundling in plenty of features as we can see by the changelog.

Among the new features is an introduction of more commands to Minecraft PE and Windows 10. Mojang has added /title, /stopsound/, /difficulty, and several other commands to the game.

UI tweaks are also part of version 1.0.5, such as a change to the way the magnifying glass appears over text. As for bug fixes, the update solves some gameplay problems. For example, the Ghast Fireball is now much more accurate and villagers no longer loot an inventory when the player dies.

Of course, the big new feature here is the Power Rangers skin pack that we discussed yesterday. However, that is a paid extra costing $2.99.

“As a teen I remember getting out of school, grabbing a snack and settling into the cartoon line-up,” Mojang artist Mike Fielder said in a blog post. “Part of that routine was watching Power Rangers. When I found out we would be working on a Minecraft version of some of the character line-up I was pretty excited and even more so when I found out Bulk and Skull would be included since they were my favourite characters. I had a blast creating Minecraft versions of these characters. I hope everyone who uses these skins has as much fun playing them as I did creating them.”

Minecraft PE and Windows 10 Edition Version 1.0.5 Changelog

New Features:

  • Power Rangers skin pack
  • Xbox Live and Realms support on Apple TV
  • More commands: /title, /stopsound, /playsound, /clear, /difficulty, /effect, /me, /replaceitem, /spreadplayers, /testfor and /gamerule!
  • Game rules: commandblockoutput, sendcommandfeedback, drowningdamage, falldamage, firedamage and pvp!
  • Command blocks
  • Minecart with command block


  • Magnifying glass no longer appears over entered text in the Storage manager
  • Jump range of magma cubes fixed to correct value (No bug ID)
  • Lapis lazuli icon now in enchanting tables
  • Accuracy of fireball shots from ghasts is now correct

Bug fixes:

  • Accuracy of ghast fireball shots is now correct
  • You will no longer get trapped & suffocate when reloading a world
  • The beacon's position is now correct when held in your hand
  • Endermen once again have idle sounds
  • Villagers no longer pick up your stuff when you die
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