Oculus Rift

Microsoft may have its own Augmented Reality headset, but that hasn’t stopped it from promoting headsets from its sister market, Virtual Reality. Yesterday Microsoft announced the introduction of five new Oculus Rift demos in Microsoft Stores.

The experiences include some of the Rift’s biggest exclusives, including Rock Band VR, Fruit Ninja, Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal and Robo Recall. The demos are completely free and don’t require an appointment.

Unsurprisingly, the demos run on powerful Windows 10 PCs and are available in select stores across the US. Participants must be 18 or older, or 13+ with parental consent.

Rift Exclusive Games

While Rock Band was popular back in the day, it’s fallen out of popularity in recent times. It hasn’t had a huge release since its inception ten years ago, but that could change.

Harmonix’s latest title brings the game to VR, and reviews so far have been positive. The March 26 game innovates on previous titles, bringing a chord-based system instead of a button one. It brings an immersive experience to the genre and comes free with every Oculus Touch purchase on the Microsoft Store.

Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal is a completely different genre and more of an ‘immersive experience’ than an actual game. The title is clearly meant to promote Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast film, putting players in the shoes of Lumiere as she prepares for a feast.

Robo Recall is much more nuanced, developed by US giant Epic Games. The game lets player destroy robots with a variety of weapons in a comedy filled, arcade-like shooter. It’s entirely free of charge, the development funded by Oculus to promote its headset.

There’s something for mobile game fans too, with a port of the popular Fruit Ninja game. The VR version comes with some great new features and is considered one of the best versions so far.

The demos will be running for a least a week, though there’s no word on whether or not Microsoft will phase in different VR games as they launch. You can find a list of stores here.