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Intel Confirms Optane Memory Technology is Coming to PCs

A week after debuting the Optane memory tech for datacenters, Intel has announced the solution will come to PCs. The SSD series will enhance performance and storage across a number of OEM machines.


rolled out its Optane SSD series memory technology last week. However, the announcement only said the fast storage solution will be coming to datacenters. Intel has now revealed that the Optane memory will be launched for desktop PCs too.

Before continuing, this ties into Intel's announcement last month that it is focusing on bringing new technology to datacenters before PC. The consumer side of the company's business has fallen behind .

Intel said it will push new technology to the datacenter. I thought this would mean PCs would be left waiting for new tech. However, if Optane is anything to go by, the wait between launches has just been one week.

The Optane technology offers significantly faster storage or caching for servers. For PCs, it will boost performance by delivering faster load times.

Optane Details

Improved performance means Optane memory combined with a 7th Generation Intel Core PC will make a machine 28 percent faster and have 14x storage improvements.

“Intel Optane memory enables PCs to deliver significantly more performance and faster load times across a broad range of personal computing experiences,” Intel says. “It will enable new levels of PC responsiveness for everything from compute-intensive engineering applications to high-end gaming, digital content creation, web browsing and even everyday office productivity applications.”

“Applications like Outlook will launch up to nearly 6x faster, the Chrome browser launches up to 5x faster, games launch up to 67 percent faster, and levels load up to 65 percent faster.”

The Optane memory technology is available in 16GB and 32GB for desktops. The technology will be available from April 24. Compatible motherboards are available on machines from leading OEMs like Asus, Lenovo, HP, Acer, and Dell.

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