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Microsoft Introduces More Feed Flexibility to Bing Ads

The Bing Ads network now lets users choose scheduled feeds that can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly. March updates also brings more search queries data information to ad campaigns.


has announced some of the new features coming to customers this month. The company says the changes include a new online inventory update feed, and a scheduling to automatic feed. In a blog post, Microsoft adds that the new product feeds have several advantages for customers.

For example, the product feed can reduce processing times for changing attributes. This means customers will only send updates when product offers that change. However, users will also continue to use the product feed for submitting data offers every 30 days (minimum).

Microsoft says an ability to submit online productivity update feeds via FTP through the Bing Merchant Center will arrive at the end of this month.

With scheduled feed allows automatic feed downloads that allows users to easily send product data to Bing Merchant Center. This added flexibility allows have more scheduling capabilities. Customers can now download a product feed whenever they want.

Adding to the flexibility, Microsoft has introduced several frequency options. Users can submit daily, weekly, or monthly. Automatic download settings are also still available in the Merchant Center.

Once a schedule has been decided, Bing will download the feed. It will then be processed and prepared for publishing to Bing Ads.

Microsoft has also announced a search term report for product offers. This mean Bing Ads customers can see the exact search queries that were used for triggering a Product Ads. The company says this brings more visibility to how products are matched to searches.

Product Keyword Search Matching

In its blog post, Microsoft also points out that Bing Ads looks at feeds to determine which search queries are relevant to a product. Currently, users only see this report at ad group, keyword, and campaign levels.

Microsoft is now bringing it to Bing Shopping Campaigns with more insights. This new report comes with the following benefits, according to Microsoft:

  • “Easily pinpoint which queries are resulting in untargeted visitors and higher costs, and the products that are being mapped to them.
  • Optimize your product titles. After ensuring that you're submitting a clean feed, the second most important optimization that you can do is ensure that the titles of your products are relevant to the search queries. Product titles are among the most important factors influencing the performance of your campaign, and sometimes simple but informed changes to the titles can have a significant impact on your overall performance.”
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