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New Microsoft Garage “Write Ideas App” for iOS Aims to Helps Students with Writing Assignments

Write Ideas is already available for download at the App Store. It is a pre-writing tool which helps students get started on book reports, essays and more.


Since 2014,  has produced several applications. Today, announced the of yet another application, called Write Ideas, which is designed for iOS.

Write Ideas is an application which helps students bring their ideas to the page. It was developed by a team of interns for the Microsoft Garage in Vancouver, Canada.

The app provides the structure and space for students to speak, type, and draw their ideas. Students can export their work to email, OneNote or Word and use it as a foundation for their writing assignments.

The scary blank page

The team of interns that started the project had one question in mind. They wanted to now how they could help students avoid the scary blank page when starting a writing assignment.

After four months of hard work, the Write Ideas team found the answer to an application which promises to change the way students around the world handle their assignments.

With the help of Microsoft's Vancouver Education team, the interns managed to take the project to the finish line.

Vancouver Write Ideas subteam
The Vancouver Education team, Write Ideas subteam. Left to right: Lifu Huang, Shefali Garg, Ram Agrawal, Kun Ji, Adam Kelly – Image: Microsoft

The team designed the app to provide prompting questions. For example, if a student is going to write an essay, Write Ideas will ask them who the main character is, or for a headline, what happened, where, etc. Users can answer by speaking, typing, or drawing.

According to Mike Tholfsen, principal program manager for the education team at Microsoft, the Write Ideas app will greatly help people with dyslexia. In a story published my Microsoft today, Tholfsen says that “For many people with dyslexia, getting out the words onto paper, whether it's writing or typing, can be difficult.

You can download the Write Ideas app from the App Store.

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Last Updated on August 1, 2020 11:10 am CEST

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