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A new report suggests that LinkedIn is spreading its advertising capabilities. Marketing Land says the Microsoft-owned company will introduce new advertising products that help businesses target users based on their email address.

The new solution will be called Matched Audiences and will be launched this November.

While this kind of advertising method may irk users, it is widely employed. Indeed, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook already have similar services to Matched Audiences.

LinkedIn is seeking to overhaul its ad products. The company closed its ad network last February, before Microsoft acquired the company for $26.3 billion.

Microsoft clearly thinks there is value in leveraging ads to boost revenue. With additional resources from Microsoft, the company can have a more robust ad network. The company said it would lose $50 million per year by closing its ad network last year.

Matched Audience

“Matched Audiences is a natural evolution of our Marketing Solutions business and we’re currently testing it with key customers. We’ve spent the last few years heavily investing in our infrastructure, and regularly enhancing Campaign Manager translates into better results for our customers,” a LinkedIn spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

The release of Matched Audience will have several implications. It gives marketers the ability to target professional audiences through the LinkedIn network. By using work e-mail addresses for ad targeting, organizations can attract new customers. There is more than a good chance that most profiles are attached to professional email addresses.

LinkedIn is also reportedly bringing back its retargeted ads. By using LinkedIn data, advertisers can target users across other websites.