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Microsoft Introduces Bing Sportscaster Bot: Keep Up with You Favorite Sports

Bing Sportscaster uses AI, Bing Search, and Bing Predicts to give Facebook Messenger users a bot that will provide news about favorite sports, teams, players, and more.


has introduced a new solution for sports fans around the world. The company has leveraged artificial intelligence and the power of Bing search to create a new bot. The Bing Sportscaster bot has been created for Facebook Messenger to bring sports news to sports fans.

Of course, there are a lot of sports out there. It is often the case that people like more than on sport, be it NFL, Soccer, F1, NASCAR, Tennis, NBA, Golf, or too many more to list here. In the age of and internet news outlets, information and news about these sports is fast paced.

Keeping up with everything across several sports is tough. Sure, dedicated sports websites do a good job of aggregating news, but what about something quicker and integrated into the social experience? That's where the Bing Sportscaster bot comes in.

It automatically provides news on sports, teams, players, and other aspects. Using the bot is really easy. Just head to and start a conversation with “Bing Sportscaster”. Users can tell the bot their favoritie sports, teams, and players.

The bot will then automatically search for news and update users periodically. March Madness, the NCAA Tournament bracket is currently in full swing.

The bot can show information about rosters, games fixtures, results, in-game information, and more. Bing Sportscaster will even predict who will win a game.

One interesting feature of the Sportscaster is integration with Outlook's calendars. This allows users to manage their schedule with Bing and ensure they don't miss and important game.

Bing Predicts

In related Bing news, Microsoft's search engine recently predicted the results of the March Madness NCAA Tournament. The engine predicted that current champs Villanova will repeat as NCCA Division one winners. Bing says the Wildcats will take out Kentucky in the final.

Last Updated on August 4, 2017 11:58 am CEST

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