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Microsoft has announced a number of new abilities with Azure HDInsight. The company’s fully managed OSS analytics platform gets a new secure Hadoop offering, and more. Also, Microsoft’s Azure DocumentDB NoSQL database service is also scoring some new additions.

The company will be discussing these changes at Strata + Hadoop World. The new capabilities further Microsoft’s plans to integrate HDInsight and DocumentDB services into a seamless developer experience.

For Azure DocumentDB, Microsoft has introduced real-time data science with Apache Spark. The Spark connector allows real-time exploration of global distributed data within DocumentDB. Apache Spark drives more efficient problem solving for data science customers.

In a blog post, the company says data can be persisted and retrieved with DocumentDB, allowing for more efficiency:

“The Spark to DocumentDB connector efficiently exploits the native DocumentDB managed indexes and enables updateable columns when performing analytics, push-down predicate filtering, and advanced analytics to data sciences against fast-changing globally-distributed data, ranging from IoT, data science, and analytics scenarios.”

Azure DocumentDB now also supports the SLA-backed MongoDB APIs. Microsoft is announcing the general availability of the high-fidelity APIs at the event this week. The company points out that the platform is designed to support multiple APIs by default.

With MongoDB API support, customers using MongoDB can continue their client drivers and toolchain through DocumentDB.

This allows customers to easily move to DocumentDB while continuing to use the MongoDB APIs, but get comprehensive enterprise grade SLAs, turn-key global distribution, security, compliance, and a fully managed service.”

Azure HDInsight

Expanding its cloud-first strategy, Microsoft says the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6 is now available within Azure HDInsight. This announcement means the platform is available on Azure before its on-premises release.

Microsoft has been working with Hadoop in HDInsight for some time. The company says it is now releasing its most secure Hadoop cloud managed solution so far.

Apache Spark 2.1 is now running on Azure HDInsight. Microsoft says this means it is the only cloud provider offering a fully-managed 99.9% SLA-backed Spark 2.1 cluster:

“Additionally, we are introducing capabilities to support real-time streaming solutions with Spark integration to Azure Event Hubs and leveraging the structured streaming connector in Kafka for HDInsight.”

Microsoft will be at Strata + Hadoop world this week to discuss the new additions. Furthermore, you can check out the full details and some other new capabilities by heading to the official release blog at the source.