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Microsoft HoloLens Now Powers US Airforce Simulation Workforces

The 412th Electronic Group of the US Airforce will buy Microsoft HoloLens to help create test scenarios. Eventually the unit says mixed reality will help by creating full 3D renderings of aircraft.


We have already seen how HoloLens can be used for numerous applications. The mixed reality technology could transform industries and change the way in which we consume entertainment. The military sector is the latest to leverage the power of HoloLens for innovative developments.

The United States Air Force has announced plans to buy several . The 412th Electronic Warfare Group will use mixed reality to create improved Modeling and Simulation Flight plans.

By using HoloLens and Meta 2 AR systems, the group will design augmented-reality models into the simulation workflow. The units sent out a press release that pointed out how this integration will work:

“Imagine walking into the Benefield Anechoic Facility, putting on an augmented reality visor and “seeing” your proposed test setup or being able to view test scenarios and test results, all without being disconnected from those around you. What if you could see virtual antenna polar patterns superimposed on aircraft or the effects of electromagnetic interference?

Those are just some of the potential uses of emerging AR technology and the 412th Electronic Warfare Group is eager to use the technology to explore the invisible world. EWG's Modeling and Simulation Flight, headed by Jerry Lockwood, plans to acquire several Microsoft HoloLens and Meta 2 AR systems to begin developing AR models and integrating the use of AR into the EW workflow and expand their capabilities.”

Microsoft HoloLens and the Future

The 412th Electronic Warfare Group is a unit of the 412th Test Wing. It is assigned to the Air Force Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base, . As the name of the unit suggests, it is dedicated to electronic warfare, such as assessing new weapons and technology.

In is release, the unit says AR devices like Microsoft HoloLens will create complete 3D rendering. This will include complete structures, with wires, pipes, fuel, and hydraulics. 3D models of aircraft will be rendered in mixed reality, allowing easier maintenance and development.

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