Scorpio Chip Tease E Microsoft

Microsoft threw a curveball at E3 last year. The company announced Project Scorpio and one-upped Sony in the process. Since then the Xbox team has been content to drop the odd tease and information about the device’s potential. Now the company has placed Project Scorpio on the Windows Store, but only for interested customers to receive updates.

Project Scorpio is pencilled in to reach consumers later in the year, likely in time for the holiday season. However, Microsoft is widely expected to fully launch the console at E3 2017. It is worth remembering that E3 2016 merely served as an introduction to Scorpio.

The company announced the console and some abilities, like native 4K gaming, but has not actually unveiled the full hardware. Microsoft’s E3 2017 event will take place Sunday, June 11. In a twist, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has hinted that the company could launch Project Scorpio before E3.

Spencer says the company has so many things to talk about that it is unlikely the console will be the sole focus.

Despite this hint, I am fairly confident that the full launch for Project Scorpio will happen at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 11. The biggest evidence for this is that Microsoft led with a Project Scorpio image for its live event.

Project Scorpio Inbound

Either way, it is clear that the console will be fully revealed within the next 2-3 months. Microsoft is obviously getting ready for its launch by keeping customers more in the loop. The update page has been added to the Microsoft Store pages in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The listing also confirms that the console is ready to come to customers around the holiday season. Unfortunately, there is no new information regarding the hardware. However, as this is an update page, we assume Microsoft will start dishing out titbits eventually.

Another thing of interest is the name. We know that this device is currently running under a codename. Spencer has said the console will be part of the Xbox One family, albeit with a new design. Despite listing the product on the Microsoft Store, the company is still keeping the actual name under wraps.

You can find the listings in the US store here, and in the UK store here.