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Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.2 Released

With Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.2, users now have a new Get Insights recommendation, and an ability to see team actions in real time.


Social Engagement is a platform for collecting data based on specific search criteria. The company has announced a new update for the service, adding some new features. Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.2 also squashes some bugs, while also making the platform easier to use.

With Social Engagement, users can see data presented in charts and graphs. These visualizations give an overview of positive, negative, or neutral feedback from users.

The new update brings the platform up to version 1.2. With this release, Microsoft has added a number of new features to Social Engagements. There is a new recommendation type called Get Insights, which offers post recommendations from customers and competitors.

Get Insights joins existing recommendations to enhance sharing content. Microsoft says it allows users to stay in touch with the latest development on networks. Thanks to this tool, users can receive separate recommendations.


More Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 New Features

Also included in Microsoft Social Engagement 2017 Update 1.2 is an ability to show engagement history within documents. Previously, the platform has been limited as showed actions by a team could only be seen after an extra load.

With Update 1.2, the platform now shows any team action in the post list. This notification is accompanied by a number indicator for the matching action button. Action history also shows the MSE users who made the action. The user is visible by both name and avatar. The feature also extends to action history performed on private messages.

As usual, Microsoft has also made bug fix changes to the platform. Importantly, the company points to one specific resolution:

“The integration into NAV handles cases with not existing search topic IDs better than before. Although there's a remaining error case: When looking for a non-existing ID in Edge browser, the Microsoft Social Engagement widget will stop loading. See our readme file for more details.”

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