Microsoft Releases Word and Excel “February 2017” Update for Android

Microsoft has been constantly updating its Office apps for Android, most recently adding SVG file support. Now the company has released an important update for Word and Excel for Android, which brings support for new file types, most notably for PDF files in Word for Android.

Word for Android now supports 16 file formats

Microsoft Word for Android users will be able to read PDF files, but they still won’t be able to edit them. Thanks to this update, Word for Android now supports a total of 16 file formats, most of which are read-only.

  • Binary documents (.doc)
  • Macro-enabled documents (.docm)
  • IRM-protected files
  • OpenDocument text (.odt)
  • Password Protected files
  • PDF files
  • Rich text files (.rtf)
  • Plain text files (.txt)

Users of Word for Android can only edit Word documents (.docx), IRM-protected files and Password protected files.

Excel gets “legacy drawing images” support

Thanks to the “February 2017” update, Microsoft Excel on Android can now open files that contain “legacy drawing images”. According to Microsoft’s announcement, users have been asking for this feature and the company provided.

You can download Microsoft Word for Android here, and Microsoft Excel for Android here. To download the Microsoft Office Mobile for Android, click here.