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Microsoft Leaves Car Connectivity Consortium, Killing Mirrorlink for Windows Phone

The company will likely focus on its Connected Car Platform, which involves Microsoft providing the back-end and a selection of services to car makers.


In 2014, purchased 's devices and services business in a multi-billion dollar deal. However, the multi-billion acquisition ended in disaster, and Microsoft offloaded the feature phone business to HMD Global.

As a result, Nokia's device interoperability standard Mirrorlink never saw the light of day, despite the fact that it was briefly demonstrated on 8.1.

Mirrorlink is a standard developed by Nokia and the Car Connectivity Consortium which offers car mode display with features such as touchscreen and phone apps designed to be used safely while driving.

Now, in a final blow to those hoping to access their Windows Phone apps from their in-car console, Microsoft has completely left the Car Connectivity Consortium. The company's logo has been removed from the Consortium's website within the last two weeks.

Car Connectivity Consortium Phone Manufacturers list
The list of Phone Manufacturers collaborating with the Car Connectivity Consortium doesn't include Microsoft anymore

Microsoft Connected Car Platform

Microsoft leaving the Car Connectivity Consortium could mean that the company will likely focus on its Connected Car Platform. The Redmond giant introduced Microsoft Connected Car Platform at the CES 2017 show, last January.

The heart of this Azure cloud platform is the ability to offer customers so-called “connected driving experiences”. That may sound a little vague, and that's because it's not a finished product.

However, Microsoft outlined four key scenarios it wants to address, at the CES 2017 show:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Improved in-car productivity
  • Advanced navigation
  • Customer insights and help building autonomous driving capabilities

Back in February 2017, Microsoft also announced its collaboration with Indian automotive giant Tata Motors. The latter will leverage Microsoft's Azure and other technology to develop in-car systems.

To learn more about Microsoft Connected Car Platform, check the company's intro video:

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