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Twitch to Compete with Windows Store and Steam via Digital Game Sales

Twitch will begin selling games this spring, launching a partner program that offers streamers 5% of the revenue earned. At launch, there will be titles from Ubisoft, Paradox Interactive, Telltale games, and much more.


As the most popular game streaming platform, holds a lot of influence over the community. The service has been continually improving since its inception, but soon it will branch into a different market entirely.

Starting this Spring, Twitch will become not just a streaming platform, but a games retailer. In may sound like a slightly strange move, but under closer examination it makes sense.

The games will appear underneath a streamer, letting watchers buy the game if they like the look of it. In return, streamers who have opted into the partner program get a 5% of the revenue.

There will also be rewards for watchers, who receive a free Twitch Crate full of emotes and chat badges with each purchase over $4.99.

Partners on Launch

Naturally, Twitch won't just sell any game they like. They'll be teaming up with various game studios at launch to provide the functionality. As of today, that list includes:

  • Ubisoft
  • Telltale Games
  • Digital Extremes
  • Hi Rez Studios
  • Double Fine Games
  • Fred Wood, 11Bit
  • Jackbox Games
  • tinyBuild
  • Raw Fury
  • Devolver Digital
  • Gambitious
  • Trion Worlds
  • Blue Mammoth Games
  • iNK Stories
  • Versus Evil
  • Proletariat
  • Paradox Interactive
  • Vlambeer
  • Campo Santo

That's a good amount of developers, ranging from giants like Ubisoft to popular indie companies. Interestingly, Ubisoft will also be providing support in other ways. Once a user purchases a game, they'll either be able to play it from the Twitch launcher or Uplay.

While many users will be reluctant to use Ubisoft's notorious launcher, it does hint at a strong collaboration between the two firms. Though there's no word on the exact number of games coming, Twitch says more details are on the way.

In all, this is a very bold move from Twitch. It's competing against industry giants like , and its success will likely depend on the prices it can offer.

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