Microsoft Announces Azure CLI 2.0 General Availability

The VM, acs, storage and network commands of Azure Command-Line Interface 2.0 have been made available to the public.

Azure CLI

Back in September 2016, Microsoft released the preview of Azure Command-Line Interface 2.0 (Azure CLI 2.0). Now the company has announced the general availability of Azure's new CLI. Azure CLI 2.0 is Azure's new command-line experience which allows users to manage Azure Cloud resources. The CLI provides clean and pipe-able outputs for interacting with popular command-line tools such as grep, cut, and jq. Azure CLI 2.0 can be used on , Linux, and . In the Azure CLI 2.0 release notes, says that general availability applies to the following command modules:

  • Container Service (acs)
  • Compute (including Resource Manager, VM, VM Scale Sets, Managed Disks)
  • Networking

More Azure services supported

During the preview period of Azure CLI 2.0, Microsoft received enough feedback to add support for several more Azure services in the new command-line interface. Now, Azure CLI 2.0 supports command modules for sql, documentdb, redis, and many other Azure services. Microsoft also added new features such as the “-wait” and “-no-wait” capabilities, which allow users to respond to external conditions or continue the script without waiting for a response, respectively. For more information about Azure CLI 2.0, check here.