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Microsoft Rolls out Fix for Xbox Alpha Ring Multiplayer Issues, alongside Other Improvements

The latest Xbox Alpha Ring build introduces a new network icon in Guide, and fixes problems with Upload Studio, Audio output, and the media remote.


Earlier in the week, we reported a serious issue that was disabling multiplayer functionality in popular games. The problem was specific to Xbox Alpha Ring users, and Brad Rossetti promised a fix later in the week.

After a tense wait period, has delivered on that claim via a new release. Rs2_release_xbox_1703.170221-1900 also adds a network icon in Guide and fixes other known issues.

Xbox Alpha Ring Changelog

According to an official Reddit post, the change to Guide is as follows:

“Your connection status from Settings > Network is now represented in the Guide. To view the status of your network, press the Xbox button to launch the Guide and note the network icon in the upper right corner. The network icon will display your wireless connection strength or your wired connection. If you're offline, the network icon will indicate you are not connected to a network.”

The release also rolls out fixes for audio problems, Upload Studio, and the remote:

Networking: Fixed an issue which caused certain games to fail to connect to multiplayer (Destiny, Rocket League, Trove, Lies of Astaroth, …).

Upload Studio: Fixed an issue which caused Upload Studio to crash to Home on launch.

Audio: Fixed an issue which caused no audio output from the console.

Movies & TV: Resolved an issue with the media remote which caused the play and pause buttons to be unresponsive.”

Despite this, there are still plenty of issues with the build. Participants should be aware of crashes when launching a game that's installed on a console they don't own. Certain types of notifications are also broken for some users, Cortana is experiencing some issues, and the Display & Sound menu in settings is under construction.

Further problems continue from the previous build, such as screen dimming in Hulu Plus and Wireless Display app crashes.

You can find the full details on Reddit or the Xbox Forums.

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