NAAEE has been announced as a new Microsoft Edge partner. The collaboration will create a digital storytelling platform that is oriented towards environmental educators. With the service, educators will be able to share stories.

The Microsoft Edge team says it drew inspiration from the North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE). Specifically, the association’s mission to improve civic engagement and environmental literacy.

By creating a digital storytelling platform for the association, Microsoft Edge helps environmental educators reach more people. The NAAEE has been pursuing its mission for more than four decades and can now branch out into more digital means to sharing stories of impact.


The partnership is part of the Microsoft Edge Web Showcase project. This initiative sees Microsoft partner with organizations to enhance exciting new ventures.

Microsoft Edge Platform

Microsoft says it understood the need of the NAAEE to have a better platform for reaching people. A digital space would allow the company to reach audiences with impactful stories. Readers in turn will have a foundation to learn about new programs and learn more. The Edge team explains how it created the site:

“We’ve focused on a handful of powerful stories that bring to life the work NAAEE does – such as the incredible impact of replacing 850,000 lunch trays with compostable trays – as well as the resources they offer anyone developing an environmental literacy and civic engagement program.”

With a 360-degree image viewer, the platform offers an efficient way to showcase a story and the project behind it. The team also made sure the site was adaptable. This meant allowing the ability for the NAAEE to embed multimedia content to enhance stories.

“Our mutual goal was to build a platform that was long-lasting and adaptable,” Microsoft says. The site allows the NAAEE to “continue to showcase various types of media to bring more stories to life.”