Xbox One S Microsoft

Testers in Microsoft Xbox Insider Alpha Ring have been experiencing some serious issues with multiplayer. The latest build has caused issues with the popular Destiny as well as Battlefield 1 and Rocket League.

Thankfully, this won’t be the case for much longer. Xbox Insider’s Brad Rosetti has confirmed that the team is working on a fix and that it will roll out sometime this week. Rossetti says Microsoft is “fighting internally to verify” and will push the build out ASAP.

Update Rollbacks

Despite this, many Xbox Alpha Insiders aren’t happy with Microsoft’s handling. There was no quick response by the company, and some are recalling for a failsafe and better avenues for urgent feedback.

The failsafe would come in the form of a rollback option for the developers. In that case, builds would be temporarily suspended until a fix was complete.

Of course, there’s the argument of Insider’s role. Increasingly, the program is seen as a way to get new features quickly, rather than testing. In reality, users should expect some issues, and in some cases they will be major.

However, the case for Xbox is slightly different. The platform now has four rings – Alpha, Beta, Preview Ring 3, and Preview Ring 4. As of now, users can’t choose between Alpha or Beta, and are enrolled depending on availability. This causes a situation where the customer may get more than they bargained for.

Whatever the case, Microsoft’s suggests that users don’t test builds on their primary device. With hope, a fix will roll out today or tomorrow. Users may want to consider a factory reset if they need full functionality before then.