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Microsoft Releases File Management Enhancements for OneDrive and SharePoint Modern Document Libraries

OneDrive and SharePoint Modern Documents users benefit from a larger file size limit of 500 MB, as well as copying in place and download to zip file. The functionality is available to first release users and will be rolling out to everyone soon.


introduced several new file sharing capabilities to OneDrive and SharePoint modern document libraries last month. Among them was the ability to copy files between the two platforms, as well as SharePoint to SharePoint and OneDrive to OneDrive.

Today, Microsoft is building on that functionality. Senior product manager of OneDrive Chris McNulty took to the blog today to outline some new changes.

OneDrive and SharePoint Modern Document Libraries Changelog

Though the update hasn't prompted major visual changes, there's quite a lot going on under the hood. The following changes should greatly enhance the functionality of the feature:

  • Removing the 50MB limit for file copies: We've started rolling out support for larger file sizes, all the way up to 500MB.
  • Copying in place: We also allow for copying in place. If you copy a file to the same destination, you'll create a new copy, automatically appended with a number on the end.  This is fantastic if you want to build a new document using the original as a starting point (it's how we wrote this blog post itself)!
  • Selecting and downloading multiple files to a single ZIP file: Finally, we've added support for downloading multiple files at once. Just select multiple files from the library view and you'll be prompted to save a single compressed Zip file containing just your selections.

Though these updates aren't life changing, they do introduce essential file management capabilities. However, is still one major concern. Though users can sync and copy between OneDrive and SharePoint, there's no “move to” functionality. McNulty promises that the team is working on this and that “the wait will be worth it.”

Until then, first release users can try out the latest functionality. The features will be made generally available “as soon as possible”.

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