Microsoft personal shopping assistant official website screenshot

Microsoft’s Personal Shopping Assistant Edge extension has been given an update. The release brings the assistant up to version 1.1707.15.0 and is significant, but not because of its features. Microsoft has added “hundreds” of new merchants from around the world.

That is not the only new addition. Personal Shopping Assistant has new email and Facebook sharing options. Of course, Microsoft has also rolled out the obvious unnamed bug fixes and general improvements.

A new Shopping Scenario of the Week feature shows users how to best use the Edge extension. Users can get the update or download the extension through the Windows Store.

The addition of many more merchants is a welcome one. An extension based on shopping needs to have a wide spread of retailers. It is good to see Microsoft expanding the reach of Personal Shopping Assistant.

Personal Shopping Assistant

Microsoft brought the assistant to Edge back in September. The company had originally launched it on Chrome and then brought the extension to Opera. While its own Edge browser was late to the party, there was a good reason.

Extension support for Edge rolled out to end users in August as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The tool allows users to automate a shopping experience while browsing. The assistant automatically compare products and retailers on the web. By remembering products a user has viewed, the extension offers a number of tools to help compare them. When shopping online, this data automatically helps the user find the best products and prices.

Under the assistant, products you have looked at are marked as “Browsed”. If there is a product you like, it can be placed in “Favorites”. Personal Shopping Assistant will also notify users if a previously favorited product changes its price.