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Microsoft Project Scorpio May Get New Motion Design Language

A software engineer working on Project Scorpio suggests the console may break away from Xbox One and Windows 10 in general with its own Motion Design language.


While Microsoft has said Project Scorpio is a stablemate of Xbox One and not a replacement, the console is increasingly looking like a next-gen product. The latest evidence to give that description weight has come from often-accurate WalkingCat. The Microsoft watcher has found evidence of a new Project Scorpio design language.

A software engineer named Eric Fiscus, who is working on Project Scorpio, dropped a hint on his LinkedIn page. Fiscus is also working on Microsoft’s recently confirmed Project Neon design overhaul for Windows 10.

In his jobs description, Fiscus writers under Xbox Scorpio Prototyping the following description:

“I’m currently prototyping Xbox Scorpio Motion Design language, which is targeting Holiday 2017. What are we going to do with 6 teraflops of graphical processing power? Find out next year on Christmas morning ;)”

This is small write up is interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, it suggests Microsoft’s will break away from a universal UI across Windows 10 devices. For example, the Xbox One currently uses UI based on the MDL2 design that is used across Windows 10, including mobile and PC. This will likely remain the same, but Project Scorpio will branch out on its own.

Project Scorpio will score the same Windows 10 Creators Update features as the Xbox One, however. Those new additions include an improved dashboard, Beam integration, and a new Home screen. Motion Design is unclear in detail, but there is a chance it could closely mimic Project Neon, albeit with some added elements.

Project Scorpio

We will have to wait until E3 2017 to see Microsoft’s plans for Project Scorpio fleshed out. The company has confirmed its event for June 11 and that the console will be part of the show. Indeed, it is widely expected that Microsoft will properly launch the device at the event.

Consumers should be able to get their hands on the console by the end of the year. Microsoft will likely roll out Scorpio in time for the holiday season, a timeframe Fiscus points too on LinkedIn.

Project Scorpio’s specs are going to redefine console gaming. The product will deliver native 4K gameplay and be powerful enough to handle virtual reality.

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