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Microsoft Adds New Video Call and IM Features to Skype Preview

Users on iOS and Android can now test several new features such as in-call reactions, an integrated camera on Skype Chat and messaging reactions.


Just yesterday, Microsoft brought Skype Preview on Android and announced four new features for the Skype Insider Program. Now, the company has added these features to , allowing users to test them.

On the video calling side, has added in-stream reactions, allowing users to add emoticons, text, and photos in the middle of a video call. This is achieved in real-time, while multiple reactions are also possible.

Skype Chat gets big boost

Microsoft's latest beta update adds several features on Skype Chat. Users can now swipe from the side of the screen to bring up an integrated camera, snap a selfie and drop it in the chat window.

The company also added Slack-like messaging reactions to Skype Chat. They are similar to 's iMessaging reactions and allow members in a chat weigh in on an individual message with emoji reactions.

Finally, Microsoft added the Find Panel option on Skype Chat that works as a quick search hub. It lets users find and share links, gifs, movie times, etc. from the web without having to swap apps. To bring up the handy search bar, users will have to swipe from the left side of the chat window.

These new features are currently being tested, however, users on iOS and can check them out through Skype Preview. Android users can download Skype Preview via Google Play, while iOS users can apply for Skype Insider.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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