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The Adguard Extension Is Now Available in Microsoft Edge

Adguard has provided an advanced blocker for Microsoft Edge. It's complete with spyware, tracker, and phishing blocks.


Hardcore advertisement haters may have heard of Adguard. The popular extension runs in Chrome and Firefox and sells itself as a step up from AdBlock. The app has long stated compatibility with “all browsers,” but Edge was noticeably missing from that list.

As of yesterday, that's no longer the case. You can now download Adguard free of charge from the Windows Store. It has the same features as in other browsers:

  • “Blocks all ads including:
    • Video ads (including YouTube video ads)
    • Rich media advertising like video ads
    • interstitial ads and floating ads
    • Unwanted pop-ups
    • Banners and text ads (including advertisements)
  • Speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth, thanks to the missing ads and pop up windows
  • Blocks many spyware, adware and dialer installers (optional)
  • Protects your privacy by blocking common third-party tracking systems (optional)
  • Protects you from malware and phishing (optional)”

The release comes from months of development following the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The upgrade introduced to Edge for the first time, and Adblock was very quick to adapt.

Thanks to Microsoft

Adguards development has taken noticeably longer than its competitors, but the team has been working closely with to reach completion. In a written statement, Adguard said:

“We want to thank Microsoft for making it possible to provide Edge users with Adguard protection! Particularly we want to thank the Edge team, it was great and easy to work with them. They provided us an invaluable assistance, responding quickly to changes during development. We call on all developers to follow us and create more cool extensions for Windows Store!”

Microsoft authorizes on a personal level, so Adguard's inclusion is a big deal. We can only hope that the positive experience will lead to a Windows 10 Mobile app, a possibility the developer has noted already.

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