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Microsoft Announces Windows Insider Program for Business

Also known as WIP4Biz, the extension to the existing Windows Insiders Program will serve IT Pros who deploy & manage desktops and provide product improvement feedback for Windows 10.


Over the past couple of years, the Windows Insider Program (WIP) has been extremely helpful for , helping the company improve Windows 10. Today, Microsoft announced the introduction of WIP to businesses with Windows Insider Program for Businesses – also known as WIP4Biz.

At the company's Ignite Australia, Director of Program Management for Operating System Fundamentals and Product Owner of the Insider Program, Bill Karagounis said that WIP4Biz's major goal is to “make Insider systems and capabilities more friendly and easier to fit into your business environments.”

Microsoft's WIP4Biz vision

WIP4Biz will be a broad-ranging extension of the existing Windows Insiders Program. It will include engagement through dedicated forums, blogs, and events; regular surveys with IT Pros; and extensive documentation to support those organizations deploying Insider builds.

For example, organizations will be able to upvote reported issues that are also important to other companies, or other parts of their own business. Microsoft hopes this will ensure that the most important issues are fixed quickly and completely.

Karagounis said that Microsoft wants there to be a deeper, and ongoing, focus on Windows 10 development on things that are critical in corporate and business environments. According to Karagounis' presentation, “[Microsoft] will be offering new experiences including software tools and a community to serve IT Professionals around the world.

The key goals of WIP4Biz as presented by Karagounis are:

Bring Commercial Insiders into the community

  • Build a community of like-minded individuals to share information
  • Create experiences to build excitement and engagement with WIP
  • Advocate for the needs of the community with product changes including software updates and the supporting communication

Get feedback on commercial features/functionalities

  • Provide a scalable feedback mechanism for Insiders at all levels
  • Listen to businesses' and Insiders' needs and requirements
  • Test our new commercial features, migrate business workflows to pre-release software where appropriate and provide feedback

Support Windows Commercial deployment

  • Deliver information about new features in Windows and the benefits to the Insider's organization while supporting end user adoption
  • Offer a channel to have a real-time dialogue with WIP and Microsoft
  • Share success stories, provide role models and connections.

Registering for WIP4Biz

Microsoft announced on the official Windows Insider Program website that it will gradually introduce the WIP for Business “in the coming months.” Those who are interested in registering their organizations for WIP4Biz can do so here.

Microsoft says that “Insiders may need to take additional action to access new features when they are made available”. Insiders who complete the pre-registration form will receive instructions for accessing these features.

Kostas Papanikolaou
Kostas Papanikolaou
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